Navy Brag Sheet Examples

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Johnny Doe
Date reported to HSM-11 – 14APR16
Primary duties As of 15MAY15
MH-60R USW/SUW Sensor Operator FRS Instructor-6
Command SAR/MDD Swimmer-6

Collateral duties
Curriculum LPO-6
HSM-41 Command Volunteer Coordinator-6

Flag Watch-6
SAPR Watch-6


Significant periods not available for duty
Down Pending Med Waiver App.- Granted 14AUG11

Job information
Supervision and Leadership

FRAC CAT-Others 21

FRP CAT-I’s 80
FRP CAT-Other’s 52

Tot Flt Hrs 9327.9
Tot Flt X’s 3478
FPY % Flt 86.4%

Tot Sim Hrs 11472
Tot Sim X’s 5736
FPY % Sim 96.9%

Mentored 3 FRACS
12 Sims (48 Hours)
210 CAI/IGR/PTs/PTT (1100+ Hours)
8 Statics (32 Hours)
Hours of events 1,224 Hours of Class and Sim events

Collateral Duties:

Student Control LPO

Supervised 96 Students over their 9 month training.

Curriculum LPO
Supervised 7 FRS Instructors in the over haul and sumbmission of 4 FRAC Syllabi.

Supervised in the analysis of 63 CR’s.

1472 Building Manager Projects:
Lighting System Installation- 15 (x 8 hours) visits from SDGE to remove and install lighting system upgrade.

Fire Suppression System Installation- 6 Months of Daily visits from Construction company COSTCO 2.2Mill

Roof Repair- Currently waiting on a constructor bid approval.

Construction of new simulator wing on training building- 8.3 Mill

45+ work requests completed

HSM 41 Volunteer Coordinator – Selected by the CMC to run Command Volunteer program. Building it up from scratch.
Leadership activities and accomplishments.

8 Instructor Qualification Boards 4
3 MTS board
12 EAWS training sessions for 7 sailors

Special achievements

Qualifications achieved during period

Personal awards

NAM x2


12 credits towards BA


33 Hours this year

Future duties/schools desired

CPO / Special Programs

Other items for consideration

Built two Navy Websites visited more than 200,000 times by sailors already this year, with the intention of helping them study, advance, and succeed.