I passed the exam, but I wasn’t advanced! How are PNA points calculated? (Passed but Not Advanced)


PNA (Passed Not Advanced) Points are added to your FMS (E-4/5/6 only) if you pass the test, but are not advanced. PNA Points come from two sources, your exam Standard Score (SS) and your Performance Mark Average (PMA). You can receive up to 1.5 Points each for PMA and SS per exam with a maximum of 3.0 per exam. Only the PNA points from the last 5 exam cycles are used. PNA Points for Performance Mark Average (PMA) is based on how you rank among your peers. Your PMA must fall within the top 25% of ranked performance avarages to garner points.  Similarly, PNA Points for Exam Standard Score (SS) is based on all exam scores where your SS must fall in the top 25% in your paygrade/rating to get points.

Performance Mark Average ranking must fall in the Top 25% = 1.5 PNA Points

Exam Standard Score must fall in Top 25% = 1.5 PNA Points  (in your rating/paygrade only)

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