Navy Eval Plugs

– $1.6 billion in resources secured

– 100% compliant!

– 100% success

– 50% increase in on-time rates

– 95% on-time completion rate, smashed NAVEUR 90% goal

– a 50% reduction in required training time

– a readiness rate exceeding Navy goal by 5%

– a 99% accuracy rate

– a historical milestone

– a squadron first!

– a sustained 95% mission-capable rate

– a vital component during semi- annual assessment

– accelerated delivery of over $15 million worth of projects

– accomplished all learning objectives in 50% less…

– achieved “Most Improved Lodging” recognition

– achieved 100% accountability of…

– achieved a 5.5 average customer rating which exceeded goal

– actions landed “best nuclear engineer” award

– actions were imperative to mission success

– activated network supporting Joint Expeditionary Force

– advanced the warfare planning tool by two full years

– aided 5 deliveries of over 150K lbs of aid directly to…

– aided immeasurably in section’s performance during…

– alleviated manning shortage at…

– allowed staff to make rapid manning decisions regarding…

– allowed immediate resumption of supply requests

– amassed over 1000 hours of instruction and…

– an invaluable asset for the entire unit

– an outstanding 100% uptime rate

– and prevented threat to the installation

– assisted in coping with multiple conflicts

– assisted Fleet’s earning a rating of “Excellent”

– assured an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

– assured successful event coverage

– at no cost to unit

– average turnaround 48 hrs

– averted an alert aircraft tail swap

– avoided an engine replacement cost of $900,000

– avoided loss or cancellation of over $50M of year end funds

– awarded “Sailor of the Month” every month deployed

– beat repair estimate by over 12 hours!

– became the “gold standard” for other Navy programs

– bolstered operations in…

– boosted equipment to the next level of acquisition

– boosted section repair capabilities

– boosted squadron morale

– bridged the Supply Chain Management support gap

– broke record in maintenance response time

– brought program back on track

– built and maintained unit morale

– capitalized on emerging circumstances!

– captured an impressive 15 trophies and seized Best Team

– cemented a 100% pass rate

– certified over 55 firefighters with zero accidents to date

– chosen to manage distinguished visitor events for…

– cited as superb and “fastest response time seen to date!”

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