Eval Bullets (Perf.)

Expertly directed seven technicians in the launch maintenance control, resulting in a 20% increase in on-time take offs, a 92% sortie completion rate and enhanced day shift productivity.

Hand-picked to lead the phase inspection workcenter. His total reorganization of production and supervisory responsibilities was key to an immediate 25% reduction in phase inspection and aircraft service period adjustment (aspa) repair time

A dynamic leader, aggressive in job accomplishments. His flawless decision making and professional performance made him first choice to establish and lead a newly developed troubleshooter branch of line division. Personally responsible for training which capitalized on the individual talents of the troubleshooting branch.

Enthusiastic leadership and professional attitude significantly improved the efficiency and performances of the line division. A assistant flight deck/line coordinator his astute decision making ability directly contributed to the 98% sortie completion rate enjoyed during advance and battle group phase of workups.

Aggressive and determined leader. Personal attention to detail was directly responsible for the divisions outstanding performance during the squadrons pre-deployment aircraft material condition audit. No major discrepancies found.

His inspirational leadership revitalized the line division. Personally responsible for the training and qualification of seven new S-3a plane captains.

Through his diligence and strong leadership he was able to achieve a remarkable increase in aircraft readiness by means of an intense training schedule for all inexperienced personnel. Motivator!

Stellar Instructor. Successfully improved the maintenance training output of the work center through his extensive technical expertise and demanding, thorough training techniques.

Key ingredient to the superior aircraft material condition. Spearheaded detailed preparations of the 92 T-56 engines and the power plants branch for a comprehensive wing material condition/corrosion control inspection (MCI). A major factor in the branch’s receipt of the highest adjective of the highest adjective grade of outstanding.

Aggressive, takes initiative. Volunteered to supervise the unskilled who comprise the first lieutenant division. Earned EAWS designation as a frocked first class petty officer.

Strong exemplary leader.  Nominated for VS-22 supervisor supervisor of the quarter in December 99′. Singularly responsible for the dramatic improvement of morale in the first lieutenant division. Elevated the material condition of the squadron spaces to the highest level ever achieved.

Strong leader, he can motivate his personnel beyond the normal work day, without loss of quality or efficiency. He has made major contributions to the work center being recognized as “shop of the month” twice last year.

Masterfully led 228 technicians to unprecedented productivity. His exceptional leadership and proactive involvement were key to meeting all production and fleet replacement requirements in support of 30 aircraft and 15 event a day flight schedule.

Brilliantly coordinated aircraft material condition type wing inspection preperations. Implemented a detailed plan of action and milestones central to excellent aircraft material condition and outstanding program assessments.

Personal concern and involvement ensured his personnel were 100% advancement exam eligible and sho an incredible 100% second term re-enlistment rate.

A talented and versatile individual who overcomes any and all obstacles he may encounter to produce a safe a quality product.

Cornerstone of the maintenance department safety program. His insistence on sound maintenance practices and increased safety awareness was instrumental in the commands unprecedented 29 years and 277,000 accident free flight hours and receipt of a consecutive CNO aviation safety award.

Committed to safety. Leads by example. Emphasizes safety and adherence to proper procedures in all maintenance actions.

Committed to safety. Exceptional attention to detail and “by-the-book” maintenance procedures.  Contributed directly to the commands safety record of 29 years and 280,000 hours of accident-free flight hours.

Dedicated to “by-the-book” maintenance procedures. Contributed to the commands unprecedented safety record and was instrumental in the commands receipt of a second CNO aviation safety award for 29 years of mishap-free operations.

Instrumental in the impressive production effort and safety posture of the maintenance department, contributing to the command receiving a second consecutive CNO safety award.

Trained subordinates and peers alike in safety. Contributed greatly toward the commands smooth consolidation and impeccable safety record, resulting in a second consecutive CNO aviation safety award and meritourious unit commendation.

Dedicated to safety. Coordinated a unique demonstration for recent squadron safety fair. His efforts served to educate personnel in the dangers of fireworks.

Keen attention to detail and commitment to safe maintenance procedures contributed to the commands superlative safety program and second consecutive CNO safety award.

Safety conscious. As hazardous material petty officer, his safe handling of hazardous metrical contributed directly to the commands unprecedented 280000 flight hours and 29 year mishap free safety record.

Strict adherence to established safety guidelines as alternate safety petty officer. Continual training of  workcenter personal was instrumental in the commands outstanding safety record.

Safety expert. Skillfully indoctrinated 30 divisional personnel on safety procedures associated with the hangar bay and flight line.

Extremely safety conscious. Strict adherence to established policy and procedures have directly contributed to the commands outstanding safety record.

Committed to maintenance and safety excellence. Expertly identified and corrected potential safety hazards in the avionics work center. Played a key role in outstanding assessments by comnavairlant performance improvement team visit and the naval safety center.

Safety minded. His commendable support to the squadron safety program resulted in the workcenter receiving zero discrepancies during recent navosh inspection.

Critical member of the enlisted safety committee, his hard charging professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and dedicated work ethos contributed to the squadrons receipt of a second consecutive CNO aviation safety award.

Developed an aggressive and innovative workcenter training program. Key to work center achieving 90% minimum skill qualified and 80% support equipment qualified.

Revitalized the workcenters training program. Increased emphasis on classroom instruction, on-the-job training and improved record accuracy has had a direct, positive impact on aircraft avionics maintenance.

Traced and coordinated all workcenter CMS training, resulting in all eligible work center personnel becoming PQS qualified as CMS local users.

As workcenter career counselor, he kept personnel abreast of all retention programs and career opportunities. Central in the command’s receipt of the silver anchor award.

Enhanced workcenter training programs. His classroom instruction, detailed lectures and on-the-job training improved production, reduced trouble shooting time and virtually eliminated repeat discrepancies.

Supports the commands sponsor program and was a key person for the squadrons navy relief society fund drive. Assisted in the collection of over 131% of the original goal.

Trained all command training team members as facilitators for the command navy rights and responsibilities workshops. Her genuine commitment to professionalism produced superior quality facilitators.

Counseled personnel on career information, personal goals and retention issues, contributing to the commands receipt of the silver anchor.

Possesses in-depth knowledge of navy opportunities, programs and benefits. He counseled workcenter personnel in professional and personal growth issues.

As maintenance department duty section leader, he maintained an efficient, comprehensive watch bill for over 100 personnel, ensuring requisite experience and qualification levels to support a 900 flight hour per month enhanced training syllabus.

Submitted and tracked 38 naval aviation maintenance discrepancy reports addressing a wide variety of aircraft systems and technical publication deficiencies.

The cornerstone of the workcenters training program. Devoted numerous on and off-duty hours training newly assigned personnel, significantly increasing overall productivity, efficiency and morale.

Outstanding branch career councilor. Totally involved in the personal and professional growth of his personnel. His concerned counsel and scholarly advice have improved advancement rates, elevated retention levels and enhanced teamwork within the workcenter.

Key player on the command retention team, his concern council improved advancement rates, elevated retention levels and enhanced workcenter morale. Superbly managed a 7 million dollar IMRL allowance. He ensured IMRL availability to support 32 aircraft and a 15 event per day flight schedule.

Provided essential support for the workcenters training program. Supervised improved training lectures, increased on-the-job-training and renewed personal qualifications. Result: 90% minimum skill qualified and 80% manlift qualified.

Resident expert and manager of command’s hazardous waste program. His in-depth technical knowledge and proactive involvement  have resulted in a reliable and efficient program. Key to several zero discrepancy NAVOSH safety programs.

As divisional supply petty officer, he maintains and manages the line division inventory and requisition of all needed supplies to perform aircraft wash and administrative functions.

Dedicated to duty. Volunteered as training petty officer. Made  a noticeable improvement in the quality of the training records which were noted as outstanding during quarterly audits.

Outstanding eso. Committed to the personal and professional development of his peers and subordinates, ensured all were aware of educational opportunities available.

Implemented an effective publications tracking and inventory system for over 200 publications. Contributed to a zero discrepancy publications audit.

Impressive branch safety petty officer. Directly responsible for the workcenters outstanding safety record. Efforts have greatly increased the branches productivity.

Clearly defined training goals and established plans to achieve them. Instumental in the workcenters 100% MTIP remediation 4 months ahead of command goals.

Developed a comprehensive COMSEC lesson guide and assisted in certification of all newly installed COMSEC equipment, ensuring minimum turn-around time and increased aircraft availability.

Completely revamped workcenter training program. He elevated PQS/MSQ qualifications 30%, increased CDI/QAR qualifications 300% and completed MTIP remediation well ahead of command goal. He has instilled pride, professionalism and renewed morale.

Intelligent, reliable, extremely knowledgable technician. Exceptional leadership abilities. Eagerly accepts the most demanding tasks. Contributed significantly to the productivity and morale of the power plants workcenter.

Petty Officer X has been assigned to the Squadron in a limited duty status awaiting a medical review board. Since reporting he has exceeded all expectations, performing duties and tasks usually reserved for more experienced, senior personnel. Extraordinary technical skill and leadership abilities.

Extraordinary technical knowledge and dedication. Superb performance in all endeavors. Aggressive work habits and superior leadership skills have made an immediate impact on the workcenter. Although onboard only a short period of time, has already become a frontrunner in the Maintenance Department.

Outstanding technical ability and personal commitment. Valuable asset to the Maintenance Department. Unique personal attributes promote unity and foster esprit de corps. Loyal team player. Contributed significantly to the commands superlative mission accomplishment and safety posture.

An extremely reliable and dedicated professional. Although only onboard a short period of time, he has made a positive impact on the maintenance department. Superb technical skills.  Team player. Contributed significantly to the improved productivity , efficiency and morale in the workcenter.

True professional. Performance has been outstanding. Intelligent, articulate and conscientious. Can be relied upon to complete even the most complex tasks with superior skill. Led Quality Assurance Division to new levels of efficiency and productivity during challenging transition to a consolidated Fleet Replacement Squadron.

A top notch sailor whose performance has been superb. Although onboard only a short period of time, he has made an immediate and positive impact on the entire maintenance effort. Unsurpassed military bearing, displays a “Recruit Poster” uniform at all times. Unparalleled initiative and reliability.

Below average performer. Carries out assigned responsibilities with limited effectiveness. Can be relied upon to safely and accurately supervise and complete all tasks. Military bearing and grooming standards require constant attention.

Squadron Safety Manager. Played leading and aggressive role in manning
and maintaining 10 command safety programs to FTS and SELRES personnel
keeping an outstanding track record of 97% on ESAMS.

Enlisted Safety Committee Chairperson. Conducts monthly meetings for
the squadron safety professional to discuss safety related issues and
solutions that affect the command.

Managed removal of flightdeck debris, fuel, oil, hydraulic fluids, and
other hazards; kept flightdeck operational despite 50% reduction in
equipment availability, ensured zero delays to flightdeck operations. 

Solely responsible for all correspondence, telephone communications,
filing, and reporting during stand-up of tactical operations Head
Quarters; assured mission effectiveness from day one 

Diligently monitored performance and performed weekly preventive
maintenance on complex submarine communications equipment resulting in
zero comm failures in 12 months-a group first!

Authored a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures and
trained junior Yeomen to run the ship’s office in her absense increasing
access to services and improving efficiency without increased budget or
personnel. Excellent Management! 

An alert and tireless operator, detected unobserved ship activity and
approach which led to mission generation and successful neutralization
of threat with no loss to battle group.

Mentored all Sailors aboard and set the example for exemplary behavior
and the highest standards of customer service. He championed the needs
of the crew while maintaining order and discipline. 

Performed Collateral Damage Estimates and analysis of over 2,000 joint
missions during Operation Enduring Freedom. Attention to detail
identified long-overlooked effects, resulted in modified and improved
procedures which were adopted theater-wide.

Leads by example. Instituted a Mentorship Program which benefited more
than 30 troops; responsible for 100% retention and increased off-duty
education by 50%. Reinstated the “Sailors Creed” recital during
quarters, embraced, ensured continued Navy tradition.

Outstanding role model. He is the epitome of Navy core values. He
demonstrated and practiced fair and impartial management and was
directly responsible for increased morale and work center productivity. 

Contributed 20 off-duty hours to environmental data migration to new
system; reviewed and brought 8 HAZMAT shop folders into compliance; base
100% compliant now, exceeded COMSUBLANT goal by 50%.

Ranked # 1 of 5 highly competitive ITs. IT1 Smith is the most productive
and capable Petty Officer assigned. He has my complete confidence and is
relied upon heavily for all vital network defense decisions for the

Our most productive Yeoman, he established a working rapport with
squadron, servicing PSD, and support agencies that reduced processing
time for personnel actions by 50%. His ability was recognized by the XO
and he was assigned to train other Yeomen. His talents made him the
indispensable right hand to the XO, COB, and management. 

Vital team member. Efficiently executed 100% of the exhaustive
administrative preparations for more than 250 ship personnel necessary
for a deployment vital to national security and a six month operation in
the Persian Gulf. Directly responsible for successful operations ISO the
Global War on Terror

Skilled Coordinator. Ensured XXX personnel in the work center comply
with requirements of the 3M system and with applicable environmental
protection laws and regulations (SORM). 

LEADS BY EXAMPLE. As a Multi-Culture Committee chaperon, coordinated 8
fundraisers for Hispanic Heritage presentation. 

Petty officer Sailor’s undeniable character is a testament to his work
ethics and loyalty to to the Navy. 

PRODUCTION CONTROLLER & ASD EXPEDITER. Directly involved in production
control directing over 5000 maintenance actions out of 39 production
work centers resulting in 100 percent readiness. Additionally, he filled
a vacated civilian billet in Aviation Support Division and proactively
expedited over 500 critical requisitions resulted in zero work stoppage.

Inspires Confidence. The only E-5 concurrently designated Tower Chief
and Airfield Manager. Both are normally PO1 billets. Oversaw $301,526 in
contracted construction and renovations projects to the runway,
taxiways, and ramps with zero mission impact to resolve major safety
hazards in preparation for NATOPS Quality Assurance inspection.

OUTSTANDING SUPERVISOR. He directed the expeditious repair of 385
discrepancies totaling over 540 man-hours, including the replacement of
four engines and two propellers resulting in Det FIVE’s 98 percent
sortie completion rate and receipt of CVW-5 Second quater Golden Wrench

His/Her passion for the navy has radiated throughout the
(command/department/divison) keeping all junior sailors “Pride of
Belonging” at the highest level possible with results of 100% retention
for fiscal year 2010. 

A consummate professional who consistently delivers positive and
substantial results. 

Petty Officer Sailor is an outstanding leader. Exceptional at
intrusive leadership and Sailorization, mission focused and a consummate
technical expert. 

Reporting constraints force EP/MP. PO Sailor is a standout leader and
professional. Superior technical acumen with lead from the front style.
Excels among the strongest group of PO1s I’ve seen. Superb CPO material!
This is the Navy’s finest! 

Standout performer. Hand picked to become maintenance control qualified
and certified to release aircraft safe for flight. 

Exceptional organizer and manager. Intricately coordinated and managed
the airframes shop in signing off over 250 “up” gripes in minimal time,
while meeting heavy operational commitments. 

Gifted leader. Directly responsible for turning around the production
effectiveness of airframes workcenter, resulting in grades of
outstanding on QA and COMATKWINGLANT audits. 

Goal-oriented. Flawlessly performed duties as Maintenance Control Chief
and flight line coordinator, a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty

Poised for achievement. Aggressively pursed and completed all
requirements for the navy’s national apprenticeship program. Awarded
national journeyman license and Commonwealth of Virginia certificate of
completion and state journeyman license. 

Firmly supports squadron. Single handedly resurrected a demoralized
first class association and established “can do” spirit. Intimately
involved in planning and executed numerous successful fund raising

Skilled coordinator, Unselfish Leader. Continually assisted Line
Division during off-duty hours training and qualifying personnel as
Plane Captains. 

Received Navy Achievement Medal for superior performance of 
duties while serving as Line Division Workcenter Supervisor. 

Outstanding administrative and management skill. Directly responsible
for workcenter receiving outstanding grades during the last 3 Quality
Assurance Audits. 

Superior technical expertise. Sound troubleshooting technique saved
numerous sorties, resulting in a 100% sortie completion rate during an
airwing Fallon detachment, and a 98% sortie completion rate during TSTA

Received Letter of Commendation from Commander, Naval Air Force U.S.
Atlantic Fleet for professional achievement in the superior performance
of his duties. 

Superb administrator. Directly responsible for his workcenter receiving
an adjective grade of outstanding on two consecutive Quality Assurance

Technical expert. Sound troubleshooting techniques for inflight
refueling stores resulted in a 96% full mission capability rate. 

Innovative leader. Expeditiously repaired a part due to
non-availability of spares and allowed Aircraft 503 to return from a
detachment on time. This task is normally performed at AIMD level

Personally responsible for managing $5.3 Million dollars in squadron
owned individual material readiness list (imrl) equipment. 

Flawlessly researched thirty IMRL inventory discrepancies from past
two years, to balance the IMRL excess and deficit report with

Impressive tool control coordinator, totally reorganized inventory
procedures in less than thirty days, achieving zero discrepancies on
quality assurance audit. 

Flawlessly managed calibrated precision measuring equipment (pme)
program. His meticulous attention to detail was directly responsible for
100% readiness of equipment during numerous detachments for entire
squadron/airwing, setting the standard for airwing seven pme

Standout performer. Hand picked to become Maintenance Control qualified
and certified to release aircraft safe for flight. 

Consummate leader and manager. Awarded Supervisor of the quarter for
his outstanding accomplishments as QA shift supervisor. 

Dynamic instructor. Streamlined the squadron turn qualification
training syllabus to reflect recent airframe upgrades. Supervised the
training and recertification of turn qualified personnel to ensure the
highest quality of technical and professional knowledge. 

Goal-oriented. Flawlessly performed duties as maintenance control chief
and flight line coordinator, a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty

Superb leader. Molded an inexperienced workcenter into an efficient
cohesive team, greatly increasing productivity and morale. Dedicated
long hours expediting incorporation of AFC 641 and AFC 554, command
eject system, while training inexperienced personnel, significantly
decreasing aircraft downtime. 

Unmatched Technical Expertise. Squadrons in the community continue to
seek wealth of knowledge and eager assistance on incorporation of
command eject system. 

Versatile performer. Superbly performed as flight line coordinator
during Orange Air detachment. 

Trusted Shipmate. Elected by his peers as Vice President of the
command’s First Class Association. 

constantly invigorates subordinates to perform all missions at the
absolute limit of their abilities. Top achiever of boundless potential.
Impeccable military bearing, loyalty and appearance. Excellent
communication skills. Most strongly recommended for advancement to Chief
Petty Officer. 

TOP-NOTCH TECHNICIAN. Frequently relied upon to solve difficult J-52
engine and aircraft fuel system discrepancies throughout the A-6E

Plants Branch receiving an OUTSTANDING during a recent COMATKWINGLANT

Spearheaded the reorganization of the Line Division and Plane Captain
training programs resulting in his workcenter receiving the “Workcenter
Professionalism Award” for the third quarter of 1993. 

MOTIVATED PROFESSIONAL. Coordinates squadron Plane Captain training
program, tracking the qualification and requalification of 43 Plane
Captains throughout the command. 

Instrumental in the squadron ability to fly a 100% sortie completion
rate during airwing Fallon Detachment, and this squadron flying more
sorties than any other in the airwing during TSTA II. 

Led in the construction of the “Laser City Project” in Dare county,
N.C. providing increased training sights for all branches of the

RESOURCEFUL MANAGER. Organized and directed a Special Weapons Attack
Team which substantially increased the squadrons full mission capability
rate. Instrumental in the squadron’s flawless MINEX and Bronze Quarter
Exercise during TSTA II. 

DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Tireless work ethic; contributed numerous
overtime hours toward the preparation of squadron aircraft for the
successful completion of the demanding Conventional Weapons Technical
Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI). 

SUPERB ADMINISTRATOR. Hand picked to coordinate the squadron’s
classified material and high value pack-up and transport for the NAS
Fallon Weapons Detachment. 

TECHNICALLY ASTUTE. His close attention to detail and relentless
pursuit of excellence were key factors for the Squadrons 100% mission
completion rate during the recent Fallon Weapons Detachment. 

Self starter. Rewrote: tire and wheel, hydraulic contamination, and NDI
CDI exams. 

Committed to total quality. Spent numerous hours reviewing maintenance
instructions as part of COMATKWINGLANT PAT Team to consolidate MI’s in
the community. 

Team player. Active participant in both VA-34 and USS George Washington
(CVN 73) First Class Association. 

Seeks out new challenges. Increased professional growth by spending
numerous hours as Flight Line Coordinator, a billet normally filled by a
Chief Petty Officer. Designated airframes PQS, tire and wheel, hydraulic
contamination, and EAWS qualifier. 

Superb administrator and organizer. Implemented computer file system
for weekly and monthly training reports. 

Sustained superior performance. Awarded Navy Achievement Medal from
CO, VA-34 for meritorious service while serving as power plants and line
division supervisor from 01JAN – 31DEC92. 

Dedicated leader. Directly responsible for extremely low disciplinary
rate in the line division. Genuinely concerned with subordinate’s
personal and professional growth. 

A brilliant manager who is committed to total quality. Through his
guidance and technical expertise he was directly responsible for the
line division receiving grades of outstanding on work center quarterly

Goal oriented. Flawlessly performed duties as flight line coordinator,
a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty Officer. 

Superb Coordinator. Initiated training of workcenter personnel and
devoted off-duty hours expediting training of squadron personnel on
aircraft command ejection system, making the transition to the new
system safe and smooth. 

Versatile Team-player. Makes his technical expertise a squadron wide
asset. Eagerly volunteers to assist any workcenter with any task. 

Awarded Navy Achievement Medal from Commander, Carrier Group Two for
superior performance of duties while attached to USS Wainwright (CG-28).

Received Letter of Commendation from Commanding Officer, NATTC Memphis,
for being designated Class Honor Student by attaining the highest
scholastic average. 

Directly contributed to USS Wainwright receiving Battle “E” and Arleigh
Burke Award. 

SUPERB SUPERVISOR: Through his close supervision the his shop was the
driving force behind the squadron achieving 100% sortie completion rate
during the recent Fallon weapons detachment. 

TOTALLY DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL: Spends numerous off duty hours in the
total development and training of all shop personnel on the A-6E SWIP
Electrical/ Instruments systems to ensure mission success. 

Awarded USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) Letter of Appreciation for
hurricane relief effort in Homestead FL. 

Provides an excellent role model for subordinates through individual
production and resilient character. Scored OUTSTANDING on PRT. 

Driving force behind the Squadron’s outstanding hazardous
material/waste program. Solely responsible for the acquisition/disposal
of materials and overall coordination of this Squadron’s flawless

Due to his extensive corrosion control background, he was personally
requested to instruct ATKWINGSLANT’s MTIP Corrosion Control course. 

Outstanding program manager. His direction and technical expertise
greatly improved the quality of maintenance performed by his workcenter,
resulting in “No Discrepancies Noted” on a recent Command Quality Visit.

Displayed exceptional creativity and innovative use of personnel and
material assets as rehab det coordinator onboard USS George Washington,
making workcenter spaces squadron ready. 

Superb Leader. Selected over more Senior Petty Officers to supervise
two Avionic workcenters, he quickly established himself as an
outstanding manager and administrator. 

Effective Manager. Streamlined workcenter operations resulting in the
Integrated Weapons Team Branch repairing 622 aircraft discrepancies
during a two week period!! 

Skilled Coordinator. His outstanding technical capability is directly
responsible for the squadron achieving a 100% sortie completion rate
during the heavily avionics dependent Fallon weapons detachment. 

Impressive technical expert. His resourcefulness was responsible for
the squadron’s flawless MINEX and highly successful Bronze Quarter
exercises during TSTA II. 

Community Involved. As Block Watch Captain in Neighborhood Watch
Program coordinates watches with Steering Committee and local Police. 

Skillful administrator and manager committed to total quality.
Responsible for changes in quality assurance audit program that
streamlined the audit process and enhanced mission effectiveness. 

Standout performer. Selectively chosen to perform duties as flight line
coordinator, a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty Officer, which
he performed flawlessly. 

Poised for achievement. Aggressively pursued and completed 90% of the
Navy’s national apprenticeship program for airplane electrician. 

Total team player. Intimately involved in the planning and execution of
numerous successful fund raising projects for the first class

Petty Officer in charge for onload/offload of squadron material for

Assisted the squadron in receiving an adjective grade of OUTSTANDING on
the tool control program during AIRLANT admat inspection. 

Player in squadron Mine Readiness Certification Inspection (MRCI)
during TSTA II. 

Diligent material validation efforts led to the recovery of nearly one
million dollars in avdlr assets previously expended as lost or

Efficient efforts contributed to a low of 192 total outstanding
nmcs/pmcs requisitions in the pmu section for an average of .77
Requisitions per aircraft, an impressive accomplishment for a Master Jet

Assisted in reaching a low of 18 outstanding NMCS/NMCS requisitions for
3 assigned A-6E aircraft squadrons combined; specifically reaching zero
NMCS/PMCS requisitions for attack squadron 85 for the period of 5 May 93
to 6 June 93. Reducing outstanding A-6 NMCS/PMCS requisitions by over

Provided constant training for subordinate personnel assigned to the
program management unit. This greatly increased supply support and
strengthened lines of communication between tenant commands and the
supply department. 

Rearranged the entire squadron tool control program, allowing for 100%
accountability of tools. 

Managed two workcenters with superior results; Environmental/ Egress
received an OUTSTANDING on a COMATKWINGLANT inspection and the Tool
Control Program received an OUTSTANDING on a Quality Assurance audit. 

VERSATILE. Acts as Flight Deck Coordinator in the absence of the Chief
Petty Officer, obtaining commendable result. 

MISSION ORIENTED. Cross-Trained in the Material Control shop to assist
the squadron during a manpower shortage, ensuring all workcenters
received their parts and materials promptly and accurately. 

STRONG SUPERVISOR: Relentless effort to train workcenter personnel in
FOD awareness and the proper screening of equipment resulted in a
significant reduction in manhours expended on cockpit FOD discrepancies.

DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL: Tireless work ethic – contributed numerous
overtime hours toward the preparation of squadron aircraft for the
successful completion of the demanding Conventional Weapons Technical
Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI). 

Diligent efforts in coordinating the preparation of aircraft weapon
systems directly provided for squadron’s flawless MINEX and Bronze
Quarter Exercise during TSTA II. 

Contributed to the flawless Mine Readiness Certification Inspection
(MRCI), Inspector comment, “Zero discrepancies”. 

Safety minded. Insistence on strict adherence to all published loading
and safety procedures has resulted in “zero” ordnance mishaps. 

Excellent Coordinator. Ensured maximum availability of Captive Carry

Team player. Actively involved in squadron’s recent successful type
wing Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI). 

Contributed to the outstanding interservice coordination and
squadron’s flawless performance during the 52nd Air Defense Artillery
Battalion MISSILEX. 

EXCEPTIONAL SUPERVISOR. Trained 50 second mechs, qualified 10 new plane
captains, and qualified squadron personnel for 50 new GSE licenses. 

METICULOUS ADMINISTRATOR. Received comment of “Best Line in
ATKWINGLANT” during annual Wing corrosion inspection. 

DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Awarded Letter of Commendation from Commander
Naval Aviation Activities Jacksonville for superior performance while
serving in HSL-36. 

Selected as Petty Officer of the Month for March 03 and nominated for
Supervisor of the Quarter for first quarter of 2003. 

Strong community involvement. Supports CFC and Navy Relief. Volunteers
off-duty time for Wildlife Response Rescue and Rehabilitation Group. 

Driving force. Increased productivity and morale in workcenter as
demonstrated by two consecutive Quality Assurance Audits with
outstanding results. 

Unmatched technical knowledge and infectious “can-do” attitude.
Successfully maintained nine air refueling stores during TSTA II onboard
USS George Washington, resulting in 98% mission capability rate. 

Sound and decisive troubleshooting. Directly responsible for Aircraft
502’s expeditious aft fuel cell repair, greatly reducing aircraft

Exceptional manager. Trained inexperienced personnel thoroughly and
expeditiously, increasing maintenance capability of workcenter and
significantly improving material condition of aircraft. 

Superb organizer. His data analysis program received a grade of
outstanding during the recent comatkwinglant audit. 

Innovative. Personally reformatted the squadron’s 3m summary to reflect
the navy’s commitment to total quality. His work now serves as the model
for atkwinglant squadrons. 

Superlative manager and instructor. Overall training coordinator for
maintenance data system, resulting in a marked improvement in overall
mission readiness. 

Team player with initiative. Provided invaluable assistance to central
technical publications librarian resulting in zero discrepancies during
a recent atkwinglant inspection. 

Superior leader. Hand-picked to stand up Phase Workcenter due to his
in-depth technical knowledge, vast experience and unmatched leadership

Proven results. Directly responsible for his workcenter winning the
“Workcenter Professionalism Award”; given to the most productive and
efficient workcenter. 

Unselfish team player. Spent numerous off-duty hours ensuring five
petty officers attained their Low/High Power Engine Turn-up

Professional Work Ethic. Key player in the command achieving a 96%
sortie completion rate during TSTA II and a 100% sortie completion rate
during airwing Fallon Detachment!! 

Major contributor to the squadron’s high state of readiness which
resulted in an impressive 98% sortie completion rate. 

Team player. Through his outstanding personal example, provided
necessary guidance and supervision to ensure all tasks were successfully

Highly motivated and reliable. A self-starter who gets more from his
men than the majority of his peers. 

Demonstrates unmatched technical knowledge and skills. The expert on
aircraft hydraulic and airframe systems. Expertise and knowledge are
continually called upon by both contractor and NADEP Representatives. 

Unparalleled Leadership. His expertise in management and leadership
abilities are evidenced by winning the “Workcenter Professionalism
Award” within the first three months of checking into Phase workcenter. 

Outstanding professional expertise. Hand picked from a chosen group of
elite First Class Petty Officers to certify squadron aircraft “safe for

Technically Superior. Directly responsible for significantly improving
the material condition of squadron aircraft as evidenced by a remarkable
100% sortie completion rate during airwing Fallon detachment. 

Exceptional motivator. The driving force in the timely completion of
seven major phase inspections, eight 28 day, six 56 day, three 224 day
inspections and seven aircraft down for major repairs prior to Fallon

SUPERLATIVE MANAGER: Supervised PR workcenter through three consecutive
Quality Assurance audits with zero discrepancies. Also incorporated
newest Night Vision Attack helmet update for all aircrew to provide the
safest possible survival equipment available. 

AGGRESSIVE INSTRUCTOR: Personally drafted the CVW-7 Basic Damage
Control Course and Student Notebook thus becoming the Airwing training
standard for Damage Control. 

Implemented all squadron space modification 2 Kilo’s and AER’s into
CVN-73 SNAP system. A monumental and time-consuming task. 

The only Airwing Damage Control Petty Officer to qualify as CVW-7 3M
PQS Qualifier. 

Effective manager. Runs an efficient and productive workcenter as
evidenced by two consecutive Quality Assurance Audits in which an
adjective grade of outstanding were received. 

Gifted motivator. Led his team in reducing “awaiting maintenance”
discrepancies to 98% and drastically reduced “repeat discrepancies” to

Exceptional instructor. Hand picked by Command Master Chief to instruct
new Third Class Petty Officers. 

Innovative. Designed and implemented a new training procedure and
workload tracking technique, greatly increasing maintenance completion
rate in workcenter. 

SUPERIOR LEADER AND MANAGER. Directly responsible for an adjective
grade of OUTSTANDING during the Mine Warfare Readiness Certification
Inspection (MRCI). Petty Officer Sailor’s superb attention to detail led
the CNAL inspector to comment “The best ordnance shop I’ve seen on the
East or West coast!” 

AGGRESSIVE SUPERVISOR. Trained and directed a very inexperienced
ordnance crew in the short-notice preparation of the highly demanding
Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI) resulting
in a grade of 90.4. 

ASTUTE PROGRAM MANAGER. Through his meticulous attention to detail he
was directly responsible for the Ordnance Branch receiving three
consecutive outstanding Quarterly Audits. 

SUPERB COORDINATOR. Consistently ensured maximum availability of
captive carry missiles for squadron aircrew training through superlative
coordination with outside agencies. 

The Consummate Leader. Selectively chosen to integrate aviation
ordnancemen into the iwt work center, dramatically increasing the
reliability of A-6E ship missile systems. Efforts resulted in direct
hits with 3 AGM-62 walleye and 1 AGM-65E maverick guided weapons. 

Skillful administrator and manager. Guided work center grades of
outstanding on airlant inspections and quarterly audits. 

Committed to total quality. Expertly developed and monitored a system
for identifying, correcting, and tracking cockpit security discrepancies
resulting in reduced aircraft down time and manhours spent on cockpit
fod inspections. 

Extraordinary technical knowledge and expertise. Spearheaded a highly
successful program to identify and correct recurring digital signal data
converter wiring problems on aircraft received from nadep. 

Standout performer. Hand picked to be the first Petty Officer to become
maintenance control qualified and certified to release aircraft safe for

Consummate leader and manager. Awarded supervisor of the quarter for
his outstanding accomplishments as QA Leading Petty Officer. 

Extraordinary technical knowledge and expertise. Personally hand picked
by Commander Attack Wings atlantic to represent Medium Attack community
at the cartridge activated devices (cads)/aircrew escape propulsion
systems (AEPS) integrated logistics support management team meeting. 

Dynamic instructor. Personally supervised the complete cross training
and qar certification of 6 newly assigned personnel. 

Outstanding program manager. His personal involvement was directly
responsible several workcenters receiving outstanding grades during
quarterly workcenter audits. 

Inspiring Leader. Awarded letter of commendation from commanding
officer, Attack Squadron Thirty-Four for superior performance of duties
while supervisor of workcenter. 

Superb Administrator. Instrumental in workcenter’s receipt of
outstanding on quality assurance audit. 

Innovative Coordinator. Superbly coordinated with aircraft intermediate maintenance departments both afloat and ashore to ensure CVW-7 squadrons had proper and adequate support equipment during work-ups. Implemented NVG tracking into existing S.E.A.T.S. Program, enhancing tracking and providing quantitative information at a glance. 



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