September 2015 Cycle 228 & 097 Advancement Exam Quotas


Just before Turkey Day Active Duty Quotas hit the streets! More than 23,664 sailors will earn new petty officer crows in the days before Thanksgiving.

Overall opportunity dipped for the 101,538 test-takers this fall in the active and reserve ranks. Of them, 23.3 percent will be advanced up the petty officer ranks, according to new quotas released Thursday. That’s down from a 24.7 percent shot in the spring.

Check out the list by clicking here; Cycle228-2015Active-Duty-Quotas

But wait there’s more! This year, there’s a new twist to the system. Navy personnel advanced this summer via the new Meritorious Advancement Program have been tallied and subtracted from each exam rating’s quotas. The push by Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Bill Moran gives skippers more authority to spot advance sailors, but leaves fewer quotas for test-takers. Bottom line is more sailors will get advanced than what these numbers are showing!

Here are the rest of the Advancement quotas;

FTS Cycle 228 2015 E-4 to E-6 Advancement Quotas

SelRes Cycle 097 E-4 to E-6 2015 Advancement Quotas

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