4 Great New Apps for Navy, and it’s about time!

Finally, progress for Navy in the Mobile App world. Below are several apps recently released to make things just a little easier! Tell us what you think!

Screenshot_2015-11-17-12-15-47FMS App – Available on iTunes and Google Play the FMS allows sailors to check the computation of their final multiple scores used to rank all sailors up for E-4 to E-6. This App is great for helping Navy personnel understand how their scores are tallied and to allow them to double-check them. Will you find an error and get in. This app could be super helpful for a few.


PFA App – This app is in accordance with the most recent instruction: OPNAVINST 6110.1J. Allows Navy Personnel to calculate their PFA scores.

Basic Features (Free)

– PRT Calculator
– BCA Calculator
– Alternate Cardio Runtime Conversion Calculator
– Instructions

Screenshot_2015-11-17-12-17-22Awards App – Create, view and share a Ribbon Rack for the U.S. Navy. Ribbon Racks will be created in accordance with applicable instructions. These racks are set in order of precedence and can be very helpful.


Uniform Regs App – This app is derived from the official Naval Uniform Regulations. Keep yourself and your shipmates looking their best by always wearing the proper uniform. Easily access all uniform regulations for quick reference. Easy to use, copy, paste and share.

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