Confessions and Disclaimers

First things first. I need to start this off with full disclosure; Some, I’m sure, will say I’m in no position to be writing a blog about the “fast track” to the top, or tips for raising your advancement test score. And it may seem, to the short-sighted, that they are right. It took me damn near 11 years to make first class (by no means extraordinary), I haven’t cut straight 80’s on my tests (more like mid 60’s), and to be perfectly honest, I flunked an English class in high school (but I blame the cheerleader I was trying to woo sitting next to me – failed there too). To all the haters – Deuces! Find someplace else to spread your negativity.

So what am I doing here? I’m glad you asked! I’m damn sure not writing to find my inner Hemingway or Dickens. I’m writing to spread the hard-earned lessons-learned. The ones I wish I would have learned long ago. The tricks, sites, techniques, and short-cuts that work. Ways to make the most of your effort. I may not change the way everyone studies or conducts themselves, but damn if I ain’t gonna shake things up a bit. I’m all about maximum effect with minimum effort.

See, what’s important to me isn’t working 12-14 hour days, and it sure hell ain’t living to work – I work to live. I’d much rather spend time enjoying life rather than pouring it into my career. Don’t get me wrong though; there is no doubt that serving your country is a noble and honorable deed. I’m one of the most patriotic people around and I’m damn proud of my service to our great country (and I thank you for yours). But family comes first in all things in your control, my friend. If I can save you a few hours a week, or help you advance faster, netting you and your family thousands of dollars more than you would have had before, well then its mission accomplished for me.

So now for the good news: I can help you my fellow procrastinators, slackers, and hopelessly unmotivated. I’m gonna lay out all dirty little secrets, and it’s up to you to carpe’ the fuck out of this info.  Some of this advice would probably be scoffed at by most of your chiefs (What?! I can’t believe you would study gouge instead of the manuals!!!), but you show me 10 who say they haven’t used some of this stuff and I’ll show you 8 liars. The clandestine practices of the well-to-do fast-movers will be exposed and spread for those of you willing to listen…Here. Should I miss something, or if there is a better way to skin the cat I’m writing about, shoot a comment in. Hopefully, comments will roll in like Steve Nash assists. Consider this blog a series of conversation starters, speak easy’s, and open forums. Sometimes, it takes a Tribe.

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