Cycle 227 AND 096 March 15′ Advancement Results Schedule


Chief of Naval Personnel announced today schedule for the release of spring advancement results for active duty, full time support (FTS) and selective Reserve (SELRES) petty officers.

Schedule is:

May 18: Complete list of active, FTS and SELRES petty officer quotas posted on and here on

May 20: Advancement results posted to command triads’ BUPERS online (BOL) accounts. (This is your CO, XO, CMC)

May 21: Individual results posted on Sailors’ BOL and names of those advanced released on

While complete quotas are still being worked, the key take-aways for Sailors are:

1) Active duty advancement opportunity across the Navy remains near our ten year average.

2) Due to high retention, active duty advancement will drop slightly from last cycle in all pay grades.

3) Individual ratings continue to stabilize and get “healthier”-there will be no ratings with “zero” advancement and the number of ratings with “100 percent” advancement will drop this cycle.

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