Advancement Exam Results…it’s a process…

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After an advancement exam is administered gets thousands of searches and emails asking for dates when E4/E5/E6 advancement results will be released. The thing is this is more of a process than the general pop of the Navy actually realizes. Here is the basic process from exam administration to release of results:

1. Exams are taken. Early March and early September.

2. Fleet and shore ESOs mail answer sheets to Pensacola – historically, this process step takes six to seven weeks because substitute exams must also be counted and returned.

3. Before exams can be scored, 95% of the projected exam answer sheets have to be received from the Fleet to ensure that the Navy doesn’t over promote (this includes late exams)

4. Navy Advancement Center then sends a number of how many test passers are in each rating to the CNO.

5. Enlisted Community Managers (ECMs) and manpower authorities determine vacancies and funding available.

6. Quotas are approved by CNP and forwarded to NAC. Typically a few days before results are released.

7. Final Multiple Score (FMS) cut lines are set and published results are immediately sent to the Command Triads. The next day the advancement lists are released to the public, and always listed on this site.


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