March 2016 Cycle 231 Advancement Exam Quotas *Update*



***May 24th Updated***

*1128* EST– WED 25 MAY: E-4 through E-6 quotas released right here on this post, as well as on All Hands Magazine’s website and on

1100 EST– THURS 26 MAY: Triad BOL notification of command Sailors advanced to E-4 through E-6

1100 EST– FRI 27 MAY: Names published here on

1100 EST– FRI 27 MAY: Sailors’ profiles sheets published by NETPDC on NEAS website (Sailors must have a CAC and be on a .mil domain to access the site)

***Original Post***

Cycle 231 Advancement Quotas should be hitting the streets any day now, and as soon as they are published, we’ll link them right here on NavyTribe. 2015 March Quotas were released around this time last year. Now we are seeing reports that they could be released as late as Memorial Day (Last week of May)! This would be a bummer, but we shall see.

So what can we expect? Well, Navy Advancement Center recently provided enlisted planners with “Test Passer” numbers. Thought Navy Exams weren’t pass are fail did’nt you? Well they are and they aren’t…They are fail-able. Out of 175 question test, you must get the following amount of questions right in order to be eligible to advanced;

E6/E7: 61
E5: 55
E4: 49

So if an E-5 taking and E-6 test only got 60 questions right, he failed and will not be eligible for advancemet for this cycle. Typically, about 3% of candidates fail and are ineligible.

So what we know now is what the Navy Advancement Center reported, as far as how many sailors passed and are eligble for advancement (which I know does little for insight or peace of mind…Like I said we are ready to post rate quotas ASAP!)

* Active Duty
E6 = 25,618
E5 = 36,492
E4 = 25, 511
* Full Time Support
E6 = 1,007
E5 = 661
E4 = 310
* Canvasser Recruiter
E6 = 119
E5 = 12

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