Cycle 232 September 2016 Advancement Results Schedule


It’s official! All Hands has reported the following dates;

Monday, Nov.21 at 8a.m. PST  – The approved quotas for the fall active duty, full time support (FTS) and Selective Reserve Petty Officer advancements will be posted on as well as here on

Tuesday, Nov.22 at 8a.m. PST – Results are released to command triad only (This is your CO, XO, CMC), and are scheduled to be posted to the Commands’ BUPERS Online (BOL) account. This way, the Chain of Command has a chance to tell the advancing members vs. social media reaching them first.

Wednesday, Nov.23 at 8a.m. PST – Individual results are expected to be released via BOL and the full list of those advanced will be posted here on

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