Top 10 Navy Websites You Should Know And Use


Navy Advancement Center – NKO – Navy e-leatning, Navy e-jacket, navy courses, and really just a huge wealth of educational applications. – PMK Study Guides, practice exams, navy gear, and more.

NSIPS – Leave, electronic pay and personnel system.

Bupers Online – Numerous web based applications maintained by the navy. Service record, annual navy evals, awards, PRT, ect.

Navy College – your Navy college source.

Navy Advancement Manual – Because if you want to play the game you should know the rules.

Navy Study Group – Navy Bibliographies updated each cycle. You have the ability to create a group, flashcards, and even share study material.

The Goat Locker – A huge wealth of military knowledge and lessons learned.

Navy Fitrep – A helpful site regarding Navy Fitreps, Evaluations, and brag sheets. – What, you thought I’d leave this site out?!

If you have any sites in mind you think would be helpful, please feel free to leave a comment.

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