Navy Enlisted Advancement Quotas for E-4 E-5 and E-5 Cycle 223 March 2014

10264308_10152067313572823_4203086883843854960_nWe should be able to see the actual results within the next few days, but for now you can check out the quotas here.

As for the numbers, well those aint looking too good… a little more than 20,000 Sailors will advance, which is down from last cycle all the way across the board. This only reinforces the point that you have to study harder to get advanced.

Active Duty
-E4 active advancement opportunity decreased from 40.23 percent to 35.54 percent (-4.69)

-E5 activeadvancement opportunity decreased from 25.06 percent to 19.89 percent (-5.17 percentage points).

-E6 active advancement opportunity decreased from 19.20 percent to 15.83 percent (-3.37 percentage points).

We will post the results as soon as they’re put out. Good luck!


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