Septempter 2014 Navy Advancement Exam Cycle 224






The exams are fast approaching, and if you’re just getting started on your studying it may seem like an impossible challenge, and a pointless effort… but there’s still time. Maybe, just maybe, that little bit of effort can mean the difference between advancing and being painfully not surprised that you have yet another 6 months of stagnation to endure. If you have the time check out Navy Advancement Study Plan it’s chalk full of helpful tips to steer you in the right direction. If nothing else though, at least get the most bang for your study buck and utilize Navy Study Group just launched, its free, and is in beta testing phase! It’s a great resource to find your Bibs and Pubs all in one place, as well as a flashcard library to study from. If studying the gouge isn’t your thing bust out one of the publications and make your own flashcards! Good luck!

E-6 Navy Advancement Exam September 4th, 2014

E-5 Navy Advancement Exam September 11th, 2014

E-4 Navy Advancement Exam September 18th, 2014

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