Navy Advancement Exam: 5 Keys To Get Results.


Preparing for your advancement exam can seem overwhelming. Although there are many resources available, there is no quick way to prepare for your exam. Most importantly, you should not wait until the last-minute to gather your materials and begin studying. The following information is geared toward helping you develop a study plan that will make the most of your time and effort:

1. Review your Bibs, Topics and Subtopics list. Find your Bib on to see what references were used to create your exam questions. Then obtain your Topics and Subtopics list from NKO to bounce that off of your bibs. This can clue you into exactly what chapters to study from each publication.

2. Know yourself. What kind of learner are you – Are you a Flash cards learner? Do you do best reading while highlighting? Are you  a lazy study-the-gouge-er? Depending on your study style, whether you prefer to study alone or with a study group, and your prefered method you can execute the plan. The most important thing to remember is that your study plan must work for you.

3. Have a plan! Small bites start early. review at the end. Depending on the content of the reference and the amount of time you have to study before exam administration, plan how much time you will need daily/weekly to cover each reference.

4. Study the obscure. What are you weak at? What is everyone else weak at? Making these topics and references a priority can give you the edge come exam time.

5. Join a study group!!! This action alone can boost your score more than ten points and be the difference between advancing and getting left in the dust.

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  2. A great way to get prepared for your advancement exam is review your bib make copies of instructions, obtain appropriate manuals, correspondence courses then set a time to study. I studied Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after I got home and kissed the dog and kicked the wife (is that right). One hour a night those three nights. Study confidential items on your duty days. For me study meant reading, doing courses any thing Navy on the bib. The YN3&2 course was great it help me make chief. Three hours a week is over 150 hours and you have your weekends free. It worked for me. Good luck.

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